The LAW Shop has an immense knowledge of labour and employment law and are exceptionally proficient in the field.
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We work with organisations in our network on both a project specific and ongoing basis.
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To help guide clients through employment law, we present seminars and run customised sessions and workshops.
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VISION To be your preferred HR Business partner
ABOUT US At The LAW Shop we ensure ultimate compliance of your business throughout the entire employee life cycle by facilitating HR best practice! The employee life cycle encompasses various stages in the career of an employee, beginning with recruitment and concluding with resignation, termination or retirement.

We aim to develop a corporational environment that is diversified, dedicated and driven – at every level of your business.

The Law Shop provides solutions to answer to all your compliance needs.
MISSION We support, educate, counsel, and share with employers create wealth through people.

Johannes Kruger

Inge Labuschagne
LLB (currently busy with LLM)
The LAW Shop is meticulous in ensuring a thorough understanding of our clients business and HR requirements. We have three degreed and dedicated directors at the steer who undergo continuous theoretical and practical training. We have actively formed strategic alliances that provide The LAW Shop clients with access to a variety of services and the best labour and work experts within our network.

The professionals at the LAW Shop are all familiar with all aspects of employment law and will be responsible for managing, coordinating and implementing best practice and procedures and has the capacity to deal with various matters at the same time – quickly and cost effectively.

“Excellence is not an act, it is a habit”.
CULTURE Our culture attracts and retains innovative, client-centric corporations.
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